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How to use this Summer to get Recruited

In his recent cover art for the New Yorker, artist Pascal Campion catches the benevolent, low sun hitting the streets of NYC, bathing it in a warm glaze. Imagine that and pause to feel the slow hum of the winter months–unless you are south of the equator–to think about the bustle brought upon by the unforgiving summer sun.
Come to think of it, summer break isn’t too far away for student-athletes who plan to get recruited into their dream schools. So what should you do this summer besides sneaking in that odd gelato into your diet?
The answer is showcase events, camps, and tournaments. Schedule your summer months around these events and plan unofficial visits to your top college choices in your free time.
College Coaches use Showcase Events and Tournaments to evaluate and get to know high school athletes. These events are held on college campuses and run by College Coaches.
Here, you have the opportunity to understand what College Athletics feels like. And, most importantly, stand out as a potential recruit.
Manage to get on a coach’s radar, and you might get into their recruiting line-up!
How do you make the most of a showcase event, ID camp , or tournament?

1. Do your Research

Find out which coaches are attending the event. Read up on their background and look up their photos and videos so that you can recognize them when they are at the event.
Don’t forget the Assistant Coaches. They are an integral part of the recruiting process and give valuable feedback to the Head Coach.

2. Are you Coachable?

Coaches are watching for more than just talent. Are you respectful of players, coaches, administration teams, on and off the playing field? Treating others with respect is something College coaches are always looking for. Being respectful, open to feedback, and willing to learn tells the coaches that you are open to growth.
Coaches want athletes who will learn and commit to the challenges of evolving as a player and a team member.

3. Open up conversations with Coaches between Sessions

Walk up to the coaches and strike up a conversation. Introduce yourself. Talk about why you love this sport. Use questions from your research to get a genuine conversation started. The coach wants to get to know you as much as you want to get to know them. You can always shoot a quick introductory email to coaches before you head off for the events.

4. Bring out your SuperPower?

What is your unique superpower? Is it your skills, speed, work ethic, leadership, or teamwork that makes you stand out from other players? Find that out and work on it before you get to the event. Once there, put yourself in a position where you can Shine using your SuperPower.
Just a tiny word of caution: No one likes a Braggart. Don’t Tell. Focus on Showing.

5. Have Fun

If you are anxious and fretting about the result, it will show in your game, which is not a good look.
You might catch the eye of the coaches, or you may not. But if you have had fun and learned something new, you have not wasted your summer.

6. Listen to the coaches' feedback

The feedback you will receive from the Coaches after the event is invaluable. It will help you decide whether to consider higher or lower levels of college competition. Use that feedback effectively to keep searching for a school that’s the perfect fit.

7. Follow-up

Follow up with the coach after the event, beginning with a thank you email. Express your interest in the Coach’s athletic program and see how the Coach responds. If the coach is interested, keep the communication flowing.
Seniors and juniors, you should plan to head to showcase events to get spotted. But sophomores and fresh high schoolers, you should use the summer to find your footing in the sport of your choice. It is time for you to focus on training and participating in tournaments. Do you need help deciding on which events you should attend and what tournaments to play in? Get in touch with our expert counselors.