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Meet Akanksha Bhan, a powerful athlete, and a top performer at one of the top Ivy League Universities in the world: Columbia University. Hailing from a small city in Gujarat, India, Akanksha Bhan’s dedication and passion for tennis was nurtured

Akanksha Bhan

Akanksha Bhan

Student-Athlete at Columbia University

Ever since I was 10 years old, I knew my passion was in storytelling. I grew up in the theater, specifically musical theater, where storytelling was all we would do. I wanted to tell stories to as many people as I could. I wanted to tell stories of adventure and conquest.

Guido Gatmaytan

Guido Gatmaytan

Student, NYU, Tisch School of Arts

They say that Adversity brings out the best in you. So it did, for William Michael Winter, a promising soccer player from the Philippines. This is a story of an aspiring soccer player who battled a personal setback during the admissions process.

William Winter

William Winter

Student-Athlete, University of Nottingham



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