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Are you in Grade 11 ? Planning for University applications this year?

What do you do when there is slightly less than a year left between you and what you have been so diligently working towards?
2025 college applicants, put your game face on and have your wits about you. It is time to oil the cogs and set your plan in motion.
So let’s start planning out the Next 10 months
Be sure of your preferences
  • Self-assessment: Reflect on your interests, strengths, and career goals.
  • Set academic goals: gear up for challenging coursework, exams and plan relevant research work for your course choices.
  • Score High
  • Retake your SAT or ACTs if you are short of stellar scores
      • Register for the test; Consider test prep resources.
      • Check if you need to take the TOEFL or the IELTS.
  • Academic excellence: Maintain your GPA and stay engaged in coursework.
  • Explore College Options
  • College research:
      • Narrow down your college choices based on fit and preferences.
      • Think of the strategies that will maximize your chances of success – Early Decision, Early Application, and Regular Decision applications?
  • Review application deadlines for each college you are considering on your list
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid exploration: Research scholarship opportunities and deadlines. Look for Financial aid sources. Think about possible work-study opportunities and consider whether you will be open to them.
      • Review and understand the “need-aware” and “need-blind” policies of the individual colleges on your list.
  • Use Term-Breaks Wisely
  • Summer planning: Explore and apply for summer programs – either academic or athletic
  • To avoid overburdening yourself towards the second half of year wrap up any research or passion project you have been working on.
  • Craft Personal Statements and Essays
  • Begin thinking about your life so far – what are the things that stand out in your memory?
  • What are the things that you are grateful for?
  • Think of the person who will be reading your essay, will they be interested in what you have to say?
  • Start writing. Initially write with abandon. Then Revisit, Refine, and Reiterate!
  • Get a second pair of eyes to read and critique and then a third! But curb your enthusiasm to distribute your essays wildly! Remember the more readers, the more reviews, and the more confused you will get.
  • Final Proofreading: Review and revise your essays for clarity and authenticity.
  • Finalize and Submit Applications
  • Work on your list of extracurriculars, resume and review the information on the application.
  • Have you identified your recommenders? Ideally one from your school counselor and one from your favorite teacher. If you also have some notable achievements, see if your mentor from an internship or research program is happy and willing to provide a recommendation.
  • Transcript requests: Ensure your transcripts are on track for application submissions.
  • Submit applications well ahead of the deadlines.
  • Apply for scholarships and financial aid as soon as possible. Remember, these are finite pools of money so if you snooze you lose!
  • If you want to achieve your goals, lets start planning now! To meet the requirements for programs you have your heart set on, to seek out the right program, to brew up that successful application, talk to us!