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It takes a village to raise a successful athlete

You want to be the best, so be the best but remember, you can’t do it alone. Very few athletes will ever get to the top by themselves.

It takes a village to raise the world’s best athletes. With the guidance from our peers, friends, coaches and family, we reach the highest level of any sport. Our peers teach us to be competitive, they teach us to push beyond our limit because the thought of losing to them is too difficult to accept. Our friends praise our success and boost our confidence to new levels where we believe we are superhuman. Our coaches guide our development, they critique our training, critique our competitive play and ultimately assist in fine tuning our techniques for a more rewarding future. And finally, our families; without them we wouldn’t be able to play what we love. We wouldn’t be able to swing a club or hit a ball since the beginning of life. Top athletes want to surround themselves with people that facilitate their success and an entourage that closely monitors each move they make. So should you.

Akshay Maliwal