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Knowing how to “win” is important for your athletic development

Many people would give anything to win a junior, amateur or even professional tournament. The difference between winning and losing, is grit. Finding that extra burst of energy to push longer than your opponent(s), cherishing the moments right before you make the winning putt, staying calm in the midst of overwhelming nerves. “Winning” encompasses all these abilities and those who “win” manage to find it.

As a result, my suggestion to most junior athletes is don’t try quicken the developmental process as you continue to improve. Win at every age group, at every stage in your life. Ensure you know how to win before you rise to the next level. There is nothing like “winning” to know what it take to get the job done. Today we witnessed history, Rory McIlroy joined two other players, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, to be the youngest players in the history of golf to win 3 major championships. Do you know why Rory looked so confident throughout the final round? He knew what it takes to win. He’s been there before, he’s been through the nerves before and cherished the moment before.

Team AddedSport