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‘AddedEducation Served As Bridge Between College Coaches and Us’

We caught up with Samuel Wong, the father of our client Stephanie Wong (Northwestern University, Fall 2021), who was very frank about why he chose AddedEducation over the others, his experiences of the college recruitment journey with his daughter and lots more. Read on.

1) Why did you choose AddedSport to support Stephanie in her college admissions journey?
I considered the professional knowledge, service, quality, communication with clients and cost before signing up with Addedsport.

2) Do you think that having AddedSport added value to your lives?
Yes, definitely. Here are some examples:

  • AddedSport helped to build and finalize our college list back to Day One. Since we were not able to visit all the interested colleges, (apart from relying on google or wikipedia) we got a lot of college information from AddedSport for our further analysis and finally created a list of shortlisted colleges.
  • Addedsport served a bridge between college coaches and us. The counsellor reminded Stephanie when to call the coaches, what

meaningful information to update the coaches and what to do and prepare behind the calls.

  • Writing college essays was one of the most crucial parts in the admission process. I would say Addedsport has paid a lot of efforts to optimize those essays with Stephanie. They helped and trained Stephanie on demonstrating her strength and confidence in writing.

3) In your experience, what were the critical or stressful moments that you would remember from the process? How did AddedSport provide you guidance through those moments? That was the college essay writing stage, 3 months before first application submission. A lot of writing preparation works were parallel with examinations, studies as well as golf training. Stephanie was too stressed with those overwhelming works requiring her to complete at the same time. JoEe, her counsellor, was too helpful to set up a timetable for Stephnaie to follow, and regularly remind/discuss the work to do with Stephanie. If some tasks went behind schedule, JoEe would advise what to catch up with priority without messing up the final submission deadline.

4) How was your communication with your counselors at AddedSport?
Very good. For urgent matters, we could talk instantly over the phone. Other communication like emails, whatsapps, we got replies from Addedport reasonably within a couple of days. I would like to thank Addedport for coping with my requests to arrange online meetings, sometimes, even at night.

5) If you had to give advice to another parent who is thinking about sending their child to the US for university and is considering whether or not to engage a counselor like AddedSport, what would you tell them? I would suggest these parents to action earlier. If they plan to engage a counselor, apart from knowing the service, quality, cost,..etc., they should ask and study the successful stories, learn to know what to do or not to do. Also, it is not bad to learn from unsuccessful stories as well, my personal thoughts only.

Congratulations Stephanie! We are so happy to have been a part of your journey in #DreamingBig! If you need help with crafting your own personal journey to College, reach out to us!