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Harvard-Bound: Class of 2028 – Linda’s Journey to Success

When Linda stood up to sing at Senator Diane Feinstein’s memorial service last month, not a single dry eye was left in the audience. No one would have even realized that she was born beat-deaf and could not clap to the beat of a simple tune or sway to its rhythm until told. But that grit and determination to “Overcome” is only one facet of Linda’s personality.
A champion for Education-equity, she joined the City’s Youth Commission to have basic Math programs re-introduced and emphasized upon in Middle schools through the Public School system so that no child would be left behind.
A first-hand observer of the agony and misery of the homeless populations in urban locations, she crusaded for the cause of affordable housing for underprivileged communities while working to facilitate tenant counseling for struggling renters.
Watching her school friends and survivors in tears as they were victimized for speaking out about Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence, Linda became a part of an advocacy movement that prompted the school administration to have a more supportive and inclusive attitude towards large swathes of the vulnerable school population.
Having personally suffered through years of anorexia, she knows all about the empathetic, nonjudgmental support that is essential on the long road to recovery.
Pointing to her mother as the “Strongest woman she knows,” Linda credits her mother for the immutable principles that she lives her life by. “My mother held down three part-time jobs to support my brother and me throughout our growing-up years. Yet she never complained. Instead, she taught us to be grateful for all the blessings of hard work. Through the darkest periods of my life, when I battled anorexia and endless bouts of self-deprecation, she would gently help me find the pinpricks of light that pierced the dark clouds of gloom. Today, every success I have is because she has always been a beacon shining the light for me to find my way through the darkest paths.”
Despite numerous challenges, Linda’s unwavering determination led her to one of the BEST universities in the world- HARVARD!
She called us just before clicking the admission portal link (so that we could be with her at Decision Time) and many interminable seconds later, let out the Loudest Whoop!
“I got in!! It feels as though I am finally able to see the light at the end of a long tunnel. The support that I’ve received from AddedEducation has been more than incredible. I am so grateful for the team’s unequivocal support throughout the application process. They always checked-in with me, and provided me with invaluable advice, and it really made me feel secure, especially with the complicated and confusing college application process.”
Linda Ye
It is the AddedEducation team’s privilege to have been a part of your “Journey to College”. We are all incredibly proud of your success, Linda, and are eagerly awaiting the stories of your continued success, perseverance, and adventures in the next four years at Harvard College and beyond
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