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Dare to Dream: When Tenacity, Hard Work and Conviction take you to Dartmouth!

I remember September 2018 like it was yesterday! She told me that she wanted to go to a top ranked academic college, but dare not dream of the Ivy League — because, of course, it was too tough getting there! That’s when we started the journey with our now-Dartmouth-bound student, Kyla Widodo. It’s been a little over 2 years, and now it has come to an end. An ending that is the true culmination of passion, labor, hard-work, commitment and belief!

Kyla is far from a regular student, she’s a phenomenal student and athlete.

She is a soccer player on the Indonesian national team and Jakarta PON team, not to mention her active participation in rugby and javelin in high-school.

Unbelievable versatility! Beyond sports, she has a tremendous passion for health, wellness, medicine and psychology. With the most passionate heart and drive to help others, this is simply Kyla.

Identifying all these interests, passion and activities, and brainstorming on how we can further nurture and develop them into something bigger that would continue benefiting the community — that was where we began. Exploring which college courses to pursue in the summer, other ways to take social work to the next level, and most importantly, how to paint her story — her highs and lows. Soon, we found ourselves riding the many late nights of brushing and glazing the different stories through each and every word of the essays, whilst analyzing each part from every single angle possible to ensure authenticity, genuinity and depth. We kept in mind, what kind of masterpiece do we want to depict of Kyla in the application?

Of course it involved doubts and multiple discussions of ‘what if?’. The journey will always be filled with ups and downs. But if you remain committed, and continue to give your best, it will yield the best results! We did it! Dartmouth here we come!

This is Kyla’s story:

What’s yours?

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more on how you can paint your own personal story.

We did it. You can too!

Jessica Lydia