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William Winter


They say that Adversity brings out the best in you. So it did, for William Michael Winter, a promising soccer player from the Philippines. This is a story of an aspiring soccer player who battled a personal setback during the admissions process but made it to his dream school despite all odds. British by birth, raised in Manila, and a soccer enthusiast, William’s prowess was impossible to miss on the soccer pitch. The result of his father’s teachings, who instilled strong values of hard work and commitment. When William reached out to us, his mind was fixed on the top US colleges. He began the recruiting journey with AddedSport in the summer of his sophomore year. Being born in the UK, William should have ideally chosen colleges in the UK. But he was more keen on U.S. colleges as he believed it would give him a greater opportunity to continue his passion for soccer.

In the midst of it, a personal tragedy for William and his family threw his recruitment process into a tailspin. But William and the AddedSport team did not give up on his dreams. When he was ready to resume, we restarted his profile building process. Along the way, William changed his mind about the US Soccer pathway. So we worked with him to re-strategize his profile for colleges in the UK. That meant a new college list and a radically different profiling and recruitment process. What motivated us as a team was William’s determination and dedication to the application process. His commitment and patience got him to the University of Nottingham : just where he wanted to be.