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Finding the ‘Real’ Purpose: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Growing up with a dad to whom academic honors came effortlessly and who was always looking for new adventures, it was hard not to admire and be inspired by him. Though a small-town boy, a series of scholarships led him to graduate from the topmost engineering school in India. And his innate intrepidity led him to the United States of America, where I was raised.

While I was not always the topmost student in my class, I was always been eager to learn new things.  And my parents were my biggest supporters, helping me pursue my passions—swimming, volleyball, music, singing, orchestra, baking, yoga.. the list was long. Having found out early in life that I was delighted in helping others, I became a student trainer in high school, traveling with the sports teams and handling all their medical needs. This role piqued my early interest in the field of sports.

Since then, I pursued Kinesiology, applying and getting admitted to over 10 schools across the United States with a strong profile as an all-round student and extensive extracurricular activities that catered to my intended major. With an academic scholarship, I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a minor in Health.

While saving up for grad school, I decided to work for a few years where I learned about leadership, teamwork, and community social responsibility. No matter the job roles, I had felt most fulfilled when I could help others. After finishing my Master’s degree, I moved to India in 2018, seeing this as an opportunity to learn more about myself, my culture and my heritage, while  growing as an individual. 

As a Lead Counselor at AddedEducation, I have the privilege of assisting young talented students prepare for higher education in the States. I provide personalized admissions counseling which greatly aligns with my personal drive and dedication to help others. My clients are students whose parents are invested in and  strong supporters of their future. It’s an honor to support the aspirations and goals of so many talented young people reaching for their dreams. They work hard in school and train diligently in their respective sports; and it’s my job to help them excel and grow as individuals whether it is through academics or athletics or a combination of both. 

Born & raised in the United States, I have a first-hand familiarity with the college admissions process, a Third-Culture experience with life in the USA and deep knowledge of work pathways that

can help my clients decide on the right fit for their next chapter in life. Each client’s journey is unique, and I am delighted that I play a part every day, in helping them #DreamBig!