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Do You Really Need an Admissions Counselor to the US Universities? Here’s Why!

A recent Netflix documentary on the college admissions scandal in the US sparked much discussion on the integrity of the admissions process. With increased scrutiny on the legitimacy of admissions, it is important now more than ever, for parents to choose trust-worthy consultants to help their kids secure a spot at the universities that they deserve to attend.

AddedEducation has worked with many clients from India. India is the second most popular place of student origin at US Universities, with Indian students accounting for 11.6% of the total international student population.

Here are some things to consider if you are wondering whether to engage the services of an admissions counsellor.

Do you Really need an Admission Counsellor?

It is a well-known fact that getting selected by top Indian universities is extremely competitive. The number of students clamouring for a place at these prestigious institutions of learning far exceeds the available seats. Even the most accomplished students, despite the plethora of coaching classes and tuition centers, are hard-pressed to actually find a spot at top Engineering (the world-renowned IITs), Medical Schools and /or the many colleges affiliated to long-established universities like those of Delhi and Mumbai.

Indian college applicants and their parents tend to focus mostly on outstanding grades to ensure admission into top US universities.

However, admissions offices these days tend to consider other achievements, such as contributions to a club or activity.

When academic merit can only get you so far, you need additional help when applying to universities in the United States. Counsellors are important because they can provide guidance to students from an early stage to ensure that they’re focusing on the right things and establishing the correct profile.

Anirudh Prakash, an AddedEducation client, was accepted recently by Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top Engineering universities in the US. He believes that what helped him stand out were his achievements outside of his studies, such as his accomplishments in playing Bridge on a national level and his keen interest in Mathematics. AddedEducation helped to highlight these unique interests in his essays and interviews.

How can a Counsellor Help?

In the case of many of AddedEducation’s clients, students choose to embark on an athletic admissions process to universities in the US. And, the application process, however, can be very frustrating and confusing.

In the case of AddedEducation’s client Ananjan Kaushik, for example, the athletic admissions process was completely unfamiliar to the family, which is one of the main reasons they decided to engage an admissions consultant. As they explained to us, there are so many parts to take note of, such as the various forms and essays, that makes the entire process confusing. A consultant can help to save time and energy by providing advice on what documentation is necessary and what isn’t.

Ananjan also received guidance on how to write emails effectively and how to speak to coaches, having had no experience with these processes in the past. In addition, he also went on an AddedEducation-led Summer tour where he played in golf tournaments and visited University Campuses and was coached by University Golf Coaches in private camp settings. On the tour, Ananjan met and played with the coaches, which helped him gain insights on what coaches look for, and what he needed to improve on. With AddedEducation’s support, Ananjan was recruited to play golf at CSU East Bay.

Shanaya Naik, on the other hand, scored a spot in Babson College thanks to her achievements in Tennis. She attributes this to the opportunities that AddedEducation opened up to her that were not available in India. Some of these included selecting the right Universal Tennis Rating tournaments, such as in Singapore, and arranging meetings with coaches that would boost her visibility.
Thanks to AddedEducation’s strong relationship with top college coaches in the US, we can help students to secure opportunities they might not be able to on their own, thereby increasing their chances of getting selected.

What should you look for in a Counsellor?

Students need to start planning in advance, to establish a stronger profile. As the entire procedure can take a long time, it is important to choose a Counsellor that is as invested in the process as you are.

It’s not just about the paperwork. The achievements and the work are strictly the student’s, but a Counsellor should help you narrow down your goals and help you decide how to achieve them. The Counsellor should be able to help students with planning coursework, narrowing down their goals, or identifying the right way to demonstrate their passions beyond the classroom.

Sana Bhatt, one of AddedEducation’s clients, tells us that her counsellor helped her to work out her schedule and improve her time management so that she could effectively manage her studies and training. Time management is essential, as students lead busy lives and the added pressure of searching for the right college can be taxing. Thanks to the advice of her Counsellor, Sana was recruited by top Liberal Arts College in Connecticut

To find out how AddedEducation can help you achieve your dreams, send us a message! We will be more than happy to help!