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U.S. College Tennis – The Path to a Professional Tennis Career

As a former professional tennis player, I enjoy watching the game to analyze how it has evolved year after year. With the recent conclusion of the French Open, a few things really stood out. The sheer brutality of the game, along with the fact that players have to be in the best physical and mental shape to grind out each match definitely highlights the level of fitness that they have to aspire for. The two weeks of the Slam were a small significant part of the overall season, which highlighted that the current state of tennis is one where superior fitness rules. To achieve success on the tour, it has become increasingly vital for players to consistently be in the best shape. For junior players, it becomes fundamental to get into the mindset that they would need to be in the peak of their fitness during each stage of their professional career, which involves immense motivation and hard work. For me, I was able to achieve this when I started my career as a Division I college tennis player.

As a college athlete, I trained with a team of experts, which included a nutritionist, trainer, psychologist, two coaches and a fantastic team of eight other athletes who aspired for similar goals. During season, we had matches every weekend, which got me into the best match playing shape, both physically and mentally. The system of college tennis helped me reach my peak and allowed me to compete and reach my best ranking on the professional circuit as well. College Tennis trains you to be match sharp, balance your education and tennis, as well as offer you the opportunities to train to the best of your ability. Tennis is an amazing game. The added elements of tremendous power, stamina for days, and sheer athletic ability are nothing short of incredible. So for all the aspiring professional athletes who are looking to achieve the same, I say that college tennis is definitely a path towards it. #DreamBig

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