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Timed Cautious and Precise – Entry to China

Cautious, timed but precise

Parents in China have long been concerned by their children’s education possibilities outside of China. This concern is now growing as many families seek guidance to demystify the US college admissions process.

AddedSport enters the China market at an opportune time when families are looking for an “edge” in the overall process; a clear pathway to a successful tertiary education for their children. It isn’t merely enough to say that “my child has been admitted to X university”, but parents want the satisfaction of knowing that their child has persevered through many years to gain admission into the TOP universities in the US – Ivy Leagues and equivalent.

Cracking the “Ivy League code” is like looking for the elusive elixir. Whilst Chinese parents are willing to spend millions of dollars on endowments and agencies to give them an increased chance at that dream, the reality is very different. US Universities are looking for high quality students – with an edge that goes beyond just academics.

AddedSport’s professional guidance in the areas of sports and academics helps families have a more holistic focus to their college decisions. It opens up new career options for students who have a burning passion for sports but may not be a 100% invested in academics.

Timing is everything: with rising incomes and awareness, rising support from the community and families for sporting prowess, the time for the Asian student-athlete is NOW.

As the sun rises on the Asian student-athlete, we at AddedSport is proud of being able to play our part in creating dynamic new pathways for them. 

This month, we are delighted to announce that AddedSport has taken its first step towards realizing the collective “Chinese Dream” for Chinese student-athletes and their parents, with meetings and presentations at a number of locations in Shanghai. We plan to be in several more cities in China within the next few months. Stay tuned for updates!

Team AddedSport