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The Best of Both Worlds

My life up till now has been a study in contrasts. I was a clumsy kid who loved to dance, a shy student quipped with a quick mouth. Though an IB student, I opted to pursue my undergraduate here in India, an odd choice in 2015. I was an academically focused student who joined AddedEducation (formerly AddedSport). If you wanted to find me in school/college, the library was the obvious choice ( my teenage self had taken pride in being on a first-name basis with the head librarian). But I am sure you get the point by now, I am used to pushing the boundaries in everything that I do, refusing to let anyone else pave my path.

At the risk of sounding cliche, my schooling years have shaped me into the person I am today. Experiencing education via the lens of IB was a step in the right direction—a step towards preparing myself to be constantly thinking, asking, and learning. It prepared me to be an active citizen of the world, not a spectator. Application of knowledge was the key, I was encouraged to nurture my interests outside the classroom and it is this precise activity that I encourage all my clients to engage in as well. As I speak with clients on their own IB journey, fueled with Redbull-driven hours and ToK deadlines, I know they are being shaped into individuals who are ready to face everything that lies ahead and prosper.

While IB students typically choose to pursue undergraduate studies abroad, I stayed back in Delhi, my home from birth. I had approached this decision like any Ecom major would, weighing the opportunity cost of choosing to study abroad or remaining in India. It wasn’t a hard call to make, armed with my pros and cons list, India was a better fit for me. This isn’t to say that I was not keen on exploring education abroad though, having fulfilled this dream by earning my Master’s degree in Economics and Finance from the UK. Both experiences were worlds apart, but both equally valuable in opening my mind to new learning experiences.  It is with these wisdom and experiences that I entered AddedEducation. Having adapted to different education systems and styles, I know that I am equipped to guide aspiring students towards finding their excellence as well. It well and truly is a rollercoaster, but nothing excites me more than to be on this ride with my clients every day! Aashi Yadav,
Lead Counselor

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