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Studying And Playing In US University: Can you do both?

The most common question that  a lot of apprehensive parents and their prospective student-athletes ask us at the beginning of their journey:  Is it possible for students to focus on both academics and sports at a US university?

To answer this, we thought we would let our student-athletes answer for themselves so that you can understand how the US universities create a platform for students-athletes to excel at their academic program while competing athletically.

‘The college process isn’t just about applying to a college. It is also learning about yourself, what makes you who you are and asking yourself the questions that you never had before.’ 
– Kyla, Dartmouth College

Every student is different and has a unique set of talents and their college experience should nurture these. US college athletics are a great way for students to stay involved in the sports community while focusing on their studies. They provide unique environments for highly passionate student-athletes to explore and organize themselves both academically and athletically.  Social Support From The Team Students-athletes, especially the ones playing team sports, often benefit from close bonds and strong relationships that last for a long time.  Being part of a Varsity-team means that new student-athletes have almost twenty, instant friends when they arrive on campus for the first time. These athletes spend a lot of time winning and losing together, struggling to overcome challenges together, that they end up forming a strong support system for each other.

Mentoring and Academic Support Almost all Division-I Universities have dedicated academic learning centers in order to help their student-athletes. Student-athletes have access to these centers and academic services at US universities that help them maintain their grades while playing the sports that they love. Additionally, coaches provide constant emotional support to student athletes by motivating and encouraging them to keep up with the classes they missed in order to do well academically. A Platform To Showcase Talent You get to showcase your talents in the US universities in a completely different light, which is not possible in your home country.’

– Rishabh, Tufts University

US universities aim to give strategic exposure, tools and resources to talented student-athletes who dream to play for a collegiate sports team. Studying and playing in US universities means that you get unique networking opportunities that help you learn the skills you need to be successful in the world outside college.