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Guido Gatmaytan


“Ever since I was 10 years old, I knew my passion was in storytelling. I grew up in the theater, specifically musical theater, where storytelling was all we would do. I wanted to tell stories to as many people as I could. I wanted to tell stories of adventure and conquest. Stories of mistakes and forgiveness. Stories where people of all ages can enjoy, but most importantly, learn from.”

This is the story of Guido Gatmaytan- a boy who grew up in a bustling city of Manila, Philippines, wanting his voice to be heard in his crusade against discrimination and injustice, through his art. And he used theatre and film as his platform to connect with people.

He loved his experiments with theatre. “Clown of God”, a musical that he wrote and directed, when he was just starting high-school, received much adulation and applause. That boost of confidence assured him that his style of storytelling, actually made an impact on the audience. But he soon realized that if he needed to reach more eyes and ears, he needed to move to Film and pursue a career in film-making.

Even as Guido was dreaming of pursuing his passion for films, he needed to hone his skills and needed a way to get there. At this very time, AddedSport was mentoring his older brother Nik Gatmaytan, a golfer. Nik finally decided to accept the recruiting offer from DePaul University.

The next year, Guido reached out to AddedSport to see if we could help him with his dreams! Of course, we could ! From creating a comprehensive college-list to building his profile to guiding his applications and essays and preparing him for the interviews, AddedSport counselors did a thorough job.

Out of the 4 colleges that Guido shortlisted and applied to, he was delighted to be accepted to the best : the New York University- Tisch School of Arts. With an impeccable reputation, the Tisch school provides the best foundation for Guido to learn about the brave world of Modern Film-making.

“I decided to not only become a filmmaker but a filmmaker who tells the struggles of different people coming from different walks of life. Stories that show many important issues, even those that we take for granted, but most importantly, stories that we can learn from to better ourselves as social beings, and as individuals. It is with these reasons as to why I want to be part of and experience the NYU Tisch undergraduate program for film & television.”

In the midst of it, a personal tragedy for William and his family threw his recruitment process into a tailspin. But William and the AddedSport team did not give up on his dreams. When he was ready to resume, we restarted his profile building process. Along the way, William changed his mind about the US Soccer pathway. So we worked with him to re-strategize his profile for colleges in the UK. That meant a new college list and a radically different profiling and recruitment process. What motivated us as a team was William’s determination and dedication to the application process. His commitment and patience got him to the University of Nottingham : just where he wanted to be.