Navigating the college application roadmap can be tricky enough on its own! In 2020, college applicants and their families must also keep up with universities changing their application processes  in response to COVID-19. From standardized test cancellations to drastically altered on-campus housing availability, this year’s group of undergraduate applicants has had to stay on top of  more changing steps in the application process more than ever before.

One of these important changes affects the deadline date for both Early Decision and Early Action. These two options for applicants are very similar, with one key difference: Early Decision requires accepted students to enroll in the university, while Early Action allows for applicants to attend others schools should they so choose. For both processes, the likelihood of a student being accepted is much higher than during Regular Decision.

Tracking Schools with Altered Early Decision and Action Deadlines

There are many different strategies for applicants, but most competitive high-schoolers apply to several universities. In response to possibly many requests from harried students, several universities have extended their Early application deadlines for the Class of 2025. We have created a list below, from scouring individual university websites, that tracks the new/ amended deadline for each university’s early application. This list is current as of date. However, the best way to keep up-to-date  is to  monitor each institution’s  admission website, along with their COVID-19 updates—usually found on each school’s homepage, when you apply.