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Mother’s Day

As I flip through the albums that capture every milestone of my life, I want to reflect. It started with a photo of you holding my hand as I take my first steps, you letting go of the bicycle while I nervously take my first bicycle ride, you consoling me after losing at a sports day obstacle race, you cheering me from the audience as I win the trophy for the highest grades in English, and till the most recent photo—me glaring at you for making me wear an outfit I did not want to for the New Years party. I know there are times when I give you such a hard time, sometimes ignoring your advice only to realize how right you were. I seldom come back to tell you, “Mom, you were right.” Despite the many “I am sorry for hurting your feelings” I never say, you still choose to forgive me anyway.
You are my greatest cheerleader and my biggest supporter. Today, I want to tell you, “I am proud of you, Mom, for all that you do for me even before I ask for it”: your concerned questions and warm hug when you catch the distress on my face, when you anchor me in our heated discussions about college options, to the late nights when you give me company as I study for my SATs—without ever mentioning the early morning meeting you have the next day. I may not tell you every day, but it is your soothing glance and your comforting voice that push me to stand up every time I take a fall. I know no matter what life throws at me, I will be okay because I will have you to guide me and to make things right for me.
When I was so troubled by my classmates making fun of my frizzy, curly mop of hair, you showed me how to take pride in myself and never change myself to please others. You instilled confidence in me, from being a child who hid behind the curtain whenever a guest came along to now standing confidently at a MUN conference, ready to speak to people across the globe. When I struggled with my college essays, you sat with me and reminded me of the many challenges I had overcome and my early moments of triumph. I realized then how much you cared for every tiny detail about me when I sometimes don’t even remember your favorite color.
I love you, Mom, more than I will ever tell you! For all the times I misunderstood you, for all the times I hurt you, but more so for all the times you stood tall just to push me ahead on this life journey – Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
We at AddedEducation admire the moms we have welcomed into our family. They not only are great champions of the hard work our students put in but also leaders in their own rights who guide their enthusiastic teenagers through the murky waters of young adulthood.
We are grateful to you and to your spirit!