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Leaping into the Ivy League!

Leaping into the Ivy League!

An admission success story, into Brown University’s class of 2026.

It’s not often that a student’s application writes itself. But for a high jump champion and highly intelligent student, it did. She reached out to our University Counseling Program knowing what she wants — to get into one of her dream Ivy League universities, and very importantly, to get the admissions process right.
We had our counselor review her profile and team up with her to establish and execute a strategy that does justice to her passionate story, deserved achievements and obvious potential. The student’s strengths run across her resume — exemplary academic scores, recognised athletic prowess and proactive community service initiatives. So, we set out to build a strong narrative, highlighting her multiple talents, that would instinctively peak the interest of an admissions’ officer.
We identified four of her standout projects as the base of her essay:
◉ Founding her own social service initiative, which helps develop a model village that’s self-sufficient, sustainable and safe, while improving the lives of the community.
◉ Her research paper on trans athletes in India, showcasing her keen socio-cultural insights, unique voice and investigative mind.
◉ Her role as Head of Sports and the incredible feats that earned her the honor, including National and State level Track & Field wins in high jump, long jump, hurdles and relay.
◉ Her membership in the Eco Committee
Next, we wove-in her extracurriculars and experiences such as the Math Olympiad, Symphony Orchestra and Model United Nations. Now, she could craft her application with clarity and confidence, knowing that she has the tools and support to make the entire admissions process not so daunting after all.
Dartmouth, Emory and NYU were a few of the other colleges besides Brown that our student applied to. Each offers the kind of courses, culture and community that would allow her to fully explore her academic interests in history and psychology, while at the same time opening up a plethora of interdisciplinary avenues within, and beyond the classroom. We collaborated with her to write and edit a stellar primary essay, as well as succinct college-specific supplement essays.
Our student would be the first to tell you she’s a perfectionist, and it made working with her an absolute pleasure. Natural nerves aside, she took on the Ivy League admissions process like the seasoned athlete and conscientious student she has always been. After many days and a few late nights, we got the pleasure of celebrating the news of her acceptance to Brown University, Fall 2022 – her top choice!
At AddedEducation, we believe in guiding aspiring students towards the goals they set out to achieve, and the ones they discover along the way. It isn’t simply about helping them with university placements, it’s about helping them find their place in the world.
We can’t wait to watch her make the most of this deserved Ivy League experience, by doing what she does best — owning it.
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