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It’s Only Half Time

There is something about being a sportsperson, a team player, a persistent risk taker, and a lover of the game that rewires your life forever. It certainly happened to me, and I’ve never looked back since. Somewhere between the two ends of a goal post lay my life goals – out on the field, inside the locker room, under blinding lights, and between team huddles. For me, the adrenaline from a 90-minute game could keep running through my veins for days as my heart beats in sync with each thump of my feet on the football field.

The probability of becoming a professional footballer in India lies below 0.0001% (don’t quote me on that). With nearly 20 broken bones, 6 torn ligaments, and 20+ stitches, it was fair to say I gave my passion everything I’ve got. Growing up with the greatest cheerleaders in my family and friends, my dream to play professional football became a reachable goal and not just a “shot in the dark”. My strides on the field eventually translated to larger strides in my journey. With football defining a large portion of my youth, I worked my way to the I-league, eventually getting into the ISL (Indian Super League). However, as I began understanding the nuances of the real world, I chose instead to pursue a Masters degree in another passion of mine – finance – which seemed like a balanced decision. Armed with determination, I embarked on an endeavour to further both my interests at the University of Surrey in the UK, the land of football. Having made it to the University’s football and futsal teams additionally proved that I am amongst the lucky few.

Going forward, the desire still burns deep within me like a raging fire, and I believe my journey is far from over. Having experienced the lifestyle of a student-athlete,
I can honestly say that it truly is
one-of-a-kind. Since graduating, I have continued plying my trade in a manner that allows me to pursue my interests as well as helping other student-athletes achieve their goal through AddedSport. I am eternally grateful and fortunate to be working both passionately and purposefully alongside other student-athletes.
Thank you AddedSport for giving me this opportunity!