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If you want to build, think about built first

If you want to build, think about built first

When I started my entrepreneur journey, I was awe-struck by the thought of making loads of money and being the next Mark Zukerberg (Bill Gates is too old for me to dream about). The reality is, that there is 1 only Mark and millions of “Mark’s in the making”. Success is part hard work part circumstance, I wouldn’t categorise it as luck because everyone is lucky at different times in their life, some just are lucky more often because they keep their head down for longer. AddedSport is my baby awaiting to blossom, it is the conceptualisation of hard work and complete circumstance. I look back at the time I started working on AddedSport and I now realize the value of planning for scale rather than just having the “take it as it comes” attitude. Most of us find it easy to focus on the present, and worry about today and tomorrow, but it’s really hard to predict and plan the future, even 1 week from now. We are faced with the constant “what if” questions, the uncertainty of it all provides immense despair.

However, if you want to build, think about built first. What would AddedSport look like 5 years from now? 5 years from now is a different world with different opportunities and different challenges. Optimists would say, many more opportunities, pessimists would say, less opportunities to make money. In 2013, when I incepted AddedSport, had I thought about how it would like 3 years from then (today), maybe we would be in a better position? It’s difficult to say, but I see a lot of value in planning for growth and planning for success. Failure doesn’t need to be planned for, but managing risk needs to be accounted.

Akshay Maliwal

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