#DreamingBig with AddedEducation

My first job was at a preschool in my village teaching kindergarten, helping and guiding children within their own unique developmental phases. This passion for teaching children brought me to the next few years in my career as I founded and managed my own pre-school called Tree of Knowledge. 

Fast forward 28 years later, after a long stint of working in the corporate environment, I find myself in the same exact situation—providing guidance for parents and their children on their personal unique journeys to success. Only this time the children have grown up! Now, they are taking their first SATs, and building their preferred college lists. Their parents are right beside them— beaming with pride and joy looking at their child preparing to go to their college of choice. Their eyes brim with tears as they realize they need to learn to let go as their “children” enter adulthood. These parents who have raised and provided the best they can for their children, work very closely together on this next step of the journey—university! Once again, I aim to achieve my personal goal of providing each parent-child family combo with the confidence, guidance, and assistance they need to successfully reach their goals.

It’s really interesting how I came upon AddedEducation, a company founded and headquartered in Singapore.  all these years of working in the corporate industry (specializing in skills training and business development), I have found my way back to the Education Industry – joining a team of passionate individuals in helping parents and their children (or should I say young adult children), on their own unique journey to university.

I say unique because there is no one-size-fits-all to each child’s journey to college; with an array of decision points and pathways which most families need clarity and guidance on. The child (now a “young adult”) needs guidance and advice to continue flourishing in his or her academic, athletic, and/or creative pursuits in college. This passion for enhancing one’s abilities and capturing each person’s uniqueness is the reason AddedEducation exists today—providing families with invaluable guidance and support in reaching their dream universities, and making sure that the same unique talent is harnessed throughout their college years.

I joined the AddedEducation team last year because I believe in their mission of helping families DreamBig; it goes hand in hand with my own personal journey of helping people achieve their goals. Being a parent, it is an added bonus to see a very clear path for my daughter’s own college journey up ahead, and for all this, I feel truly blessed.

Rita Trillo

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