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Test Prep
We help you understand and diagnose your competencies and connect you to the best tutors - online or off-line.
Academic Support
Our academic experts smooth over the bumps and help you get back on track.
Find A Coach
We have the largest network of coaches across South Asia who can train you to become even more competitive.
Nutrition & Fitness
We work with a team of nutritionists and fitness experts to chart out a customized plan that is unique to you.
Boarding School
We work with families to understand their aspirations before guiding them on their journey to secondary education.
Mental Strength
We have experts who understand this little understood secret super-power that forms a part of the arsenal of every top-notch athlete.
Campus & Tours
We organise summer camps & tours to the U.S. and other countries for student-athletes to get a glimpse of the Collegiate student-athlete life.
Athletic Recruitment
We educate and guide student-athletes & their families through the athletic college recruitment process.
Profile Building
We assess, analyse and consult aspirants who are looking to uplift their profiles to stand a better chance at university admissions abroad.
Application Support
AddedEducation consultants help students identify the right university courses.
Essay Support
Our expert essay mentors work with students individually to help them write stellar admission essays.
Interview Prep
Our counselors will guide you with mock interviews and questions that will ensure that you are at your A-Game at the interview.

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Best Startup of the Year Singapore
Best Startup of the Year Singapore
Speak to our Expert Counselors



Speak to our Expert Counselors