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Athletic Recruiting doesn’t take away from Excelling Academically

One of the greatest challenges of being a student-athlete is balancing your commitments. This primarily concerns successfully juggling your academics and your training. While it may seem like a daunting task at first, it is not impossible. It requires the determination to want to balance the two, a plan to do so, and the perseverance and focus to achieve it.

As the academic pressure increases, you’ll want to shift your focus more to school. This happens especially in the last two years of the IB DP, or in 10th and 12th grade if you’re taking CBSE/ICSE board exams. You think that improving your scores will get you into the best colleges (universities) in the US. This is a strategy that most of your peers use, and one your parents and school probably trust too. However, it is important to note that during the admissions process, colleges are looking for more than just academics.

In fact, colleges value student-athletes playing at various competitive levels. They seek students who can contribute to the school through sports. This doesn’t undermine the importance o Shifting your focus to only your academics may seem like a good idea at first. But as the number of practices you miss increases, your game will start to suffer and you’ll lose your competitive edge. Being a student-athlete necessitates a balance between sports and school. So, how can you achieve this balance? It will require time management, hard work, and above all, the will to do it. But it will be worth it. Start by making weekly plans with the goal to identify both your commitments for the week, and the blocks of time that you can use towards school or sports. Plan these blocks of time wisely. Allow yourself some downtime, but don’t procrastinate. And don’t forget to surround yourself with people who motivate you. Managing your time well will be the key to your success. It will demand discipline, focus and perseverance. But once a routine sets in, things will get easier. Student-athletes have an advantage over non-athletes when in comes to this balance. Resilience, patience, hard work, commitment and discipline are ingrained in you from the training you’re used to. The task here is to bring your self-discipline to your duties as a student and as an athlete. At AddedSport, our clients have found success when they train hard and study as hard with a structured plan and set routines. You can choose to balance sports and academics instead of choosing between the two. The ball is in your court!