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AddedSport Completes Its First Stanford University


It has taken us 7 years to get here, but we certainly got here and delivered beyond our wildest dreams! Finally, AddedSport, the company we have built from ground up, has it’s first Stanford University double admission. 2 students from AddedSport have received admission in the Early Action (EA) period to Stanford University for the Class of 2025! It’s a big moment for our company, and each one of our counselors had a critical role to play in the success of these 2 brilliant students!

We don’t want to take away from the other students who have achieved equally successful admissions, but Stanford is a remarkable achievement. It takes grit, hardwork and a lot of emotional energy to achieve such a great admission.

Each year, Stanford accepts less than 500 students globally in the Early Action period, and we are proud that 2 of our family members have achieved such a phenomenal feat! So what does it take to achieve admission into arguably the best university in the world? Commitment.

There is only one-word to describe this. Commitment. As a student you have to be relentless about achieving high academic results, building a strong, authentic profile to showcase yourself beyond the classroom. And finally, but most importantly, have a story that is interesting enough, unique enough, well thought that describes who you really are. What you really want to achieve.

Want to find out if you have the “commitment”? Get in touch! #DreamBig #proudoftheteam #bestcounselors #asiasbest #worldrenowned #hardwork #commitment

Akshay Maliwal Founder/CEO

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